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Blog Tour – Day 6

Welcome to the final day of the Blog Tour for One Very Odd Teacher. For our last day, Robbie has written one final poem to introduce the four brilliant bloggers who mark the end of this exciting tour!

Robbie’s Poem:

Today wraps up the blog tour and I’m sad to see the end.

Shalini is so wonderful (a smart and brilliant friend!)

I also want to thank the final bloggers, one by one—

Justine (whose posts are thoughtful), and then Dora (hers are fun)!

There’s also Natalie (the Spoonie Mummy is her site)

A tough book-loving mother, full of thoughtful words and light!

And then, About A Book Club, very smart (not least but last);

So thanks to ALL these bloggers, ‘cos this tour has been a blast!

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Check out my review here

I am always sad when Robbie’s tour gets over. But stay tuned for his next tour in November

17 thoughts on “Blog Tour – Day 6 Leave a comment

  1. Shalini, I can’t believe it’s over. I’m going to pretend the blog tour is going for just one more day… just so I can wrap my head around the fact that all the excitement is going to come to an end.

    (Well, technically it’s still the 6th for many more hours across the globe, so even when I go to bed tonight it’s not going to be “over,” but you get what I mean, I’m sure!!)

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