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Musings – My life with Robbie Yates @robbie_b_yates

It is not often that I share my inner most feelings, but sometimes it just feels right when I do. So here it goes.

I met Robbie Yates in June, via the lovely WordPress, round about the same time I started my Blog Tour Company. Robbie was the first author who took me on. I was a total newbie, till today I have no idea what Robbie saw in me. But he did see something….

I remember the first mail where I warned him that I was new at this. Yet he stuck by me. His loyalty toward me has never wavered. I was both surprised and shocked, didn’t expect that. The connection between us clicked and felt right!!

What can I say about Robbie, that the world already does not know. He is sweet, he is funny, he is a great author, delightful poet.

What I do also know is that he is honest, he is loyal, and he has a sensitive heart. His soul is pure, his ethics are in the right place. I don’t think he ever has a mean thought.

Robbie has been there beside me, with me at all the times when my heart has been heavy, my confidence shaky. In those moments, it feels as if he has been sent by the Providence, especially when I have needed him, needed his goodness.

What do I call this: friendship, destiny, fated?! I am both honored and proud that Robbie chose to be my friend. I can’t help but smile in gratitude when his radiance shines away the darkness in me.

There have been times during our professional dealings, when I have been scared of hurting him. But I have to say, Robbie is far beyond the pettiness of humans. He can see the heart and guage the rightness of the person. And he hasn’t ever doubted me.

He gives me both comfort and understanding, a space where I can tell him my viewpoint, a space where I can show him that all I want is his success in the literary world, a space to show him that I am always with him. He has a friend in me always and forever.

I can go on and on about Robbie. But I will stop here and just say…

Thank you so much for everything, Robbie ♥️♥️

I hate when the tour ends, I am always nostalgic and sad!!

45 thoughts on “Musings – My life with Robbie Yates @robbie_b_yates Leave a comment

  1. Lovely post! I’m glad you have a Robbie on your beloved friend list, but a bit jealous as well, I’m greedy and petty like that 😉 💋💕😘

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  2. OMG this post and Robbie’s reply made me teary!! YOU TWWWWOOOO!!!! And yes, I agree with Shalini about Robbie being sweet and funny. I so love his sense of humor! And Robbie about Shalini, gosh I do wonder how she does what she does!! You two make such an awesome duo! Well done, guys!!

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  3. OH MY GOODNESS WOMAN, YOU ARE LITERALLY THE BEST. You told me you’d be posting something on Saturday, and I can see now it was worth the wait!!
    You are the most brilliant, talented, inspired jack-of-all-trades in this beautiful blogosphere, and I have no idea how you do it. Always there to retweet and write witty replies, and yet somehow never flustered or overwhelmed. You have become such a trusted name across multiple platforms, and I can see why.
    We love you here, Shalini – we really do. And I’m eternally grateful to you, even when I’m cursing all the changes that I needed to make to The Kooky Kids’ Club (I’ve deleted 3 chapters, moved things around, murdered characters… okay, I mean “deleted them,” but it feels like I’ve committed a crime haha). You are so talented, and you have amazing insights… and never once have I doubted your judgement.
    Thank you for letting me join your tours – not once but twice, now – and for always being there, just a tweet or an email away. You are one of those people you meet in life who change your path, and who have an incredible impact on your future.

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  4. Awwww, such sweet and heart-felt words. 💗💗 I agree with Robbie, you are the best, Shalini. 💗🙂 Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. ( If they do, erase them with trooco erasers ) 😉

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  5. See….I have told this to you so many times now, but this only proves my point yet another time: You really ARE a wonderful person, it’s not just me saying that 😊😘❤️ You really wrote a wonderful and heartwarming post here Shalini. I’m glad that you have met someone who really sounds truly amazing. This was a great read 😊😊

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  6. I love it when you write these beautiful tributes to your friends. It shows how deep and compassionate you are. How truly caring, and how REAL you are. Without even knowing Robbie, I can tell he is one of those lifetime friends that will forever be by your side, one of those people that everyone wants to know and be friends with. Very lovely and heartfelt post, Shalini. 🙂

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  7. Gosh, you two are the coolest! I saw your tweets to each other it was so funny! I don’t want to sound a creep but whatever you guys make other people’s timeline a whole lot nicer place. And the friendship you made here Shalini is amazing!

    Even I found it in you, it’s really nice to see you evolve from someone who wrote that email asking for hosts in a blog tour and now that everyone is signing up for you. These are all the result of your hard work. You deserve the best dear! ❤

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  8. Aw, beautiful post Shalini! Robbie sounds amazing and I love that he took a chance on you when you were starting out with the tours. We all need someone like that! Glad to read about your friendship.

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  9. 💜💜 awww this is gold! I love to hear about fated encounters and bonds that are formed despite distance or any other physical boundaries 😁 I’m happy for both of you, friends make the journey special 🌻

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