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To All My Bloggers, My Friends

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for being a part of Robbie Yates’ The Kooky Kids Club Tour.

It is not only the reviews that I am thankful for, but it is the way all of you have opened the doors of your childhood and given me the view of your life in school, all of you are just so brave.

The purity of your words made me cry, the strength of your words made me so proud for organizing this tour. Each one of you showed me glimpses of your life, your quirks, and how far you have come. That caused tears to film my eyes almost constantly. I am so glad that all of you have found your people… And we have found each other too in this blogosphere.

I never knew I am the sobbing type but your words touched me so deep in my heart, that I feel blessed that I know you all and so happy that we really are the members of The Kooky Kids Club. I want to say more, but I am sorry I am still crying…

Robbie Yates


















Lili (Maricel)








Thank you & Love you all

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  1. I am thankful as you are to us. It means a lot, your kind words, generosity, and friendship! I wish you all the best Shalini! And of course Robbie too ❤.

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  2. Shalini, you are so incredible, and yet you still manage to find it within you to thank everyone else. Thank YOU for all the hard work you did organising this tour… and for your work as a beta reader, too. Also – the brilliant invitation idea – you are such a bright spark!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    You’d better believe I’m dancing!!!

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    • Aww Robbie you are simply awesome and so is your writing… This your has been so blessed with all the bloggers opening up their lives. Where would we ever get to see such miracle? This happens only in Christmas.
      As I always tell you, Robs, I am your reflection. You have always trusted me, and that gives me the spark to think more. In fact that your love and kindness triggers my brain. I can’t stake my claim on the ideas, I give the entire credit to you as a person. It is your purity and your goodness and your trust which brings it all out…. Thank you for coming into my life and staying there💕

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  3. aaaw, Shalini. you’re making me cry again 😭😭Thank you for taking the time for this post. And for this amazing tour. this is my favorite out of all the tours we did together. You and Robbie made this possible. It’s also very touching to meet these people here on blogosphere. Suddenly, I know I’m not alone and that I wished I met you all when I was younger. 💖💖

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