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Book Review – Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt

This book has been making rounds for a long time and when I got the opportunity to buy it, well, I did!!

The book started with a great prologue, a murder scene: a girl killed by her lover – this intrigued me, my heart rate jumped higher. I love a good whodunit, don’t I?

The story then went on to tell us the lives of 2 sisters Markie and Kam. And soon people around Markie started dropping dead like flies to the point that she was scared to leave home. And soon the killer struck again closer to family…

My first book by Didi Oviatt, the initial 40% of the book had me adorn the role of the investigator and check out clues. I loved that. Didi’s writing pulled me in. The sisters Markie and Kam seemed to share a close bond, though I never understood why Markie was so snarky about Kam’s boyfriends and their looks, Markie herself was no raving beauty. But the trend of books is unlikable unreliable main characters… So I continued reading with my pulse spiking up.

At 40%, the killer was revealed and that crushed me. My heart flatlined… The book tried very hard to shock my heart to start beating and bring it back to the high interest level. But I am not the ideal reader who loves knowing the identity of the killer before the end.

The book continued with the first person POVs of the sisters, the mother, and the killer. Though their ways of thinking were shocking to say the least, each one more horrible than the other, my interest in the book didn’t peak even after knowing the icky twist.

I bought the digital copy of the book, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!

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Didi Oviatt is a small town gal who married a small town guy. Within a few years of experiencing a new families bliss, she discovered that she had a thirst to write. Now, after digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she’s writing thrillers like “Aggravated Momentum” “Search for Maylee” “The Stix” and “New Age Lamians.”

The life of a seemingly normal family is shattered as long-buried skeletons emerge and dark family secrets surface.

Danger lurks so close to home. But who is the cold, calculated murderer? Can it be Markie or Kam: one of the independent sisters, guilty of nothing more than getting tangled with the wrong people at the wrong time?

Or is it another cowardly snake, curled in a hidden corner?

The deeper you dig, the more breathtaking the secrets you will find.

Publication date: 7th February 2017

Publisher: Creativia

41 thoughts on “Book Review – Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt Leave a comment

  1. I can totally relate. I recently read a book that started out really good, the writing was decent, the plot suspenseful, then the author thrust in the POV of the killer and gave away his identity only 1/3 of the way in, effectively wiping the suspense right out of the story. I was like WTF? It could have been an amazing, suspenseful read. Instead, it lost its luster and I was easily able to anticipate everything that happened after that. It was very disappointing. Hope you are having a nice weekend, Shalini! 🙂

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    • I too like playing the detective because it fires my blood… I wouldn’t have minded killer’s POV if his identity was hidden… Maybe I like those books which cause my blood to run fast… Have a great Sunday Leslie…


  2. Sorry to hear that the reveal sorta ruined the book for you. The first 40% sure does sound intense though and I am intrigued by the mention of the 3 narrators being kinda dark. Great review.

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