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This was one of my unexpected reads. I got enamored by the title and downloaded the book. 3 women, Lauren the ex-wife, Jessica the current wife, and Emily, the daughter are all caught up in the aftermath Brian’s death after his shady deals and illegal gambling are brought to light. With one mobster wanting his money back and the three women in the dark about it, it became a race against time.

My first book by Michele Miller, I was sucked into the story due to the characters. Each of the women were real, they had their own shades of good and bad. Their struggles either in the past or in the present were well portrayed.

Lauren coming from a bad drug filled childhood made something out of her future as a lawyer, Jessica struggling with anorexia needed to pick herself up after Brian’s death, Emily was the dark horse in the story. She was shown as a delinquent, but it was her brains which unearthed the secrets.

There were a few niggles, the book went into past and present with multiple POV, some parts were slow (an absolute no-no for a thriller), and many, many mobsters. I stopped counting after the first two. Too many of these goons wanted the women!!

The book had guns, threats, undercover cops, underhand dealings, mobsters and scamsters. And unscrupulous lawyers!!

Overall, a fun read with an unexpected ending twist which made me laugh!!

Michele W. Miller is the author of The Thirteenth Step: Zombie Recovery, a 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Quarter-Finalist. Married with two children, Michele is a lawyer practicing in New York City.

After the sudden death of her ex-husband, Brian, Lauren helps Brian’s much-younger widow, Jessica, arrange the funeral and settle his affairs. Although they were once adversaries in the battle for Brian’s heart, Lauren agrees to pitch in for the sake of their troubled sixteen-year-old daughter, Emily. But Lauren gets much more than she bargained for when information comes to light about Brian’s shady business deals with his old college friend Jordan Connors and the crime lord Jorge Arena, jeopardizing Brian’s estate and throwing the women into the world of high-stakes illegal gambling.

With only a few days to find out where Brian hid millions of dollars in bonds and in fear for their lives, Lauren, Jessica, and Emily must set aside their differences and work together to secure their inheritance and evade Jorge Arena’s murderous crew.

Publication Date: 26th February 2019

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

16 thoughts on “Book Review – Widows-In-Law by Michele W. Miller #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

  1. Authors do have to be really careful aboutthe number of characters that they introduce.Sometime a heavy hand at the editing stage is needed to cull out story threads that slow a plot line down.
    I’m currently reading The Godfather, so I’ve got plenty of mobster antics too.

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    1. Ooooh Godfather? Whoa I tried reading it years ago, saw the movie instead. And life moved on…
      There were too many in this.. One or two would have sufficed😂😂


  2. It seems as though I’ve read something similar, but I don’t think it was this book. Now it’s going to drive me crazy until I remember what the book was. I’m glad you enjoyed this one Shalini despite your niggles. 😉

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