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Book Review – Stolen Sister by Linda Huber @LindaHuber19 #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

Those who have read the past few reviews on my blog know that I have been reading quite a few doozies as thrillers. Nothing really gripped me. Then came a book which said – come sit by me, I will hold you, never to let you go!! And my journey started. This review is dedicated completely to author Linda Huber for bringing me back to my thrillers…. I was going to switch over to Netflix. Whew!!

The story started nearly 22 years ago when an explosion caused the death of parents Paula and Joe. Paula barely had time to throw her week old baby Erin to best friend Sylvie through the window. The elder children, Vicky and Jamie, were sent to aunt Maisie, and Sylvie decided to run away with baby Erin. Till aunt Maisie’s death revealed the secret about Erin to Vicky. And she went out to find her sister…

Linda Huber has done a fantastic of writing a complete story in 280 pages, each of those pages set to evoke emotions from the depth of my heart. The story was not about abuse or foster care or dark crime, but it was about two sisters finding each other. I have always believed love for a sister is eternal, the blood calls for it. And I could feel it in this book. Vicky loved her sister before even knowing her and she wanted, rather needed, nothing more than finding her sister, to complete her family.

Linda’s writing was simple but each word caused a sense of urgency in me. It’s amazing to see and feel the power of those words. The tension in the scenes has to be read to be believed. The underlying theme of love seeped in even when the sisters were apprehensive about getting to know each other. My finger kept tapping on the screen to turn those pages faster. At one point, I was sure my kindle glowered at me.

I loved Vicky and identified with her, probably because I am the same way. My love for my sister is all encompassing. It is something which comes from the soul.

And yes, I loved the book!!

I downloaded the digital copy of the book via Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Linda Huber is the bestselling author of the psychological suspense thrillers Baby Dear and Death Wish.

Twenty-two years ago, Erin and Vicky’s parents were killed in an explosion.

Now grown up, Erin and Vicky – who have been separated – are unaware they are siblings. But when Vicky is called to her great-aunt’s deathbed, she learns that she isn’t alone after all.

But where is Erin? Vicky’s search begins…

Elsewhere, Christine has problems of her own. In the first week of her new job, she makes a disturbing discovery and is struggling to come to terms with impending motherhood.

Vicky is almost ready to give up her search when an old foster mother calls with shocking news.

What links Vicky and Christine?

Will Vicky ever find her sister?

And can Christine’s baby escape the past that befell her mother?

Publication Date: 25th March 2019

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

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  1. Great to see you coming out of a bit of a slump. I read all your reviews, even if I don’t comment on them all, and have felt for you recently. So glad that Linda’s book pulled you out of it. I love Linda’s work and look forward to reading this soon x

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  2. So happy you love this! Interesting reading your review I don’t have a sister I have brothers but we aren’t related by blood, I guess it made me think would I feel a stronger bond if they were blood? Something I will never know.

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    • Your relationships are from the heart… They are strong.
      Maybe I feel too much? Mum sister and I went through a lot of crap at the hands of my father, so mum and I were determined that she escape and have a good life at the cost of our lives. Hence maybe that pull is strong. For me that bond and that blood we share starts zinging when she needs me. I think it is bond forged with love, blood, tears, fear, anger, and the crave for freedom. Makes sense?


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