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Book Review – Whispers In The Dark by Jordan Frost #BookReview #BookBlogger #fantasy

This was book 1 of fantasy series. The story went thus. Jensen was a harvester who was transporting mage Solana to the capital city for her execution. Suddenly at night, his commander attacked, and Jensen had to kill him and escape with Solana to the north of the kingdom, the entire land bring under the rule of Lord Kane. A secret revealed along the journey had him thinking about the fate of the empire and the part he must play. A thief Boone and pirate Garrett had their own sweet parts to play adding to the subplot and the mystery of the land, along with Solana’s sister.

Jordan Frost has written a well developed, lovingly detailed story where every character was beautifully etched and the emotions between them were wonderfully displayed. There were a lot of other characters and politics at play, but my eyes kept drifting to Solana and Jensen. I loved the chemistry between them, it was alive and palpable. Their dialogues had the right amount of humor, they kept me smiling as I read their parts. I wished both would confess their love for each other. But that is for book 2.

This world shown was cutthroat, and the action scenes were amazing. The fight with the orcs were fun. Witches, ogres, giants, elves were almost commonplace along with scary magical forest. Poisons were around the corner, and food had to be carefully eaten. Spells and swords found their way into the prose. Many such things made this book a wonderful read.

Then came my niggles. The book had many, many characters, and I had a difficult time keeping them in order. Different POV had me scampering about trying to understand it all. I just wished it were an easier read for me.

But Solana and Jensen made the book a delight. I loved everything about them. A complete fan is what you can call me.

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Darkness has eclipsed the empire of Midori under the tyranny of an ancient and ruthless sorcerer named Kane. But within the sorcerer’s shadow, a new dawn waits on the horizon.

Jensen Grooms hates the life of an imperial soldier, but like most gifted in Midori under Kane’s rule, he is left with no other choice. Everything changes the day he meets a condescending mage named Solana Hamilton. Tasked with transporting Solana to the capital city to face execution, Jensen’s world is thrown off balance when his commander attempts to murder him in his sleep.

Fearing for his life, Jensen chooses to flee north with Solana where he discovers not only the reason behind the attack, but a secret that could potentially alter the fate of the empire forever.

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  1. Glad that the chemistry between Solana and Jensen made the book such a delight. That’s good to know about how many characters there are and it’s understandable that this made it harder to read. But it sounds worth checking out. Great review!

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