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Book Review – Her Husband’s Mistake by Sheila O’Flanagan #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

A husband’s infidelity breaks a woman, but then slowly and surely, it re-joins her into a stronger version of herself, a woman she is meant to be.

Roxy came back home on Rodeo Night and found her neighbor riding her husband Dave. An irony!! A marriage, which was solid with 2 kids, broke apart. She shifted out to her mum’s place, took over her father’s chauffeur business, for the sake of children and twenty years of marriage, returned home to try to forgive (a bad decision, I tell ya) her husband and make a go of her marriage. But could a cracked mirror ever be as good as new?

I have read many books by author Sheila O’Flanagan and have quite enjoyed them. The premise of this had me eager to read it at one go. Women empowerment, women discovering themselves, finding their inner strength and independence has always been one of my favorite reads in this genre. And the book certainly did not disappoint.

Roxy had been etched very carefully by the author. There was an air of genuine goodness about her. I loved the way the vibe of her inner discontent came through. Her character grew from strength to strength. Her decisions were supported by her kids and mum. Only the archaic husband Dave was a moss covered boulder on her path, slimy and slippery, trying to control his wife. I wanted Roxy to stand up strong and tall, and she did. My girl made me proud.

Too many unnecessary details and slow paced sections did niggle me and ask me to skim read. But I did not. I read the whole book from beginning to end.

A line from the book which touched me

You have to work at happiness, it doesn’t simply land in your lap!!

This was so true. Simple but poignant words taught me so much. Overall, a fun read!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Headline, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Sheila O’Flanagan is the author of many bestselling novels including The Hideaway, What Happened That Night, The Missing Wife, My Mother’s Secret, If You Were Me, and All For You (winner of the Irish Independent Popular Fiction Book of the Year Award). She lives in Dublin with her husband.
Twitter @sheilaoflanagan

After twenty years, and with two carefree kids, Roxy and Dave are still the perfect couple.

Until the day she comes home unexpectedly, and finds Dave in bed with their attractive, single neighbour.

Suddenly Roxy isn’t sure about anything – her past, the business she’s taken over from her dad, or what her family’s future might be. She’s spent so long caring about everyone else that she’s forgotten what she actually wants. But something has changed. And Roxy has a decision to make.

Whether it’s with Dave, or without him, it’s time for Roxy to start living for herself…

Publication Date: 30th May 2019

Publisher: Headline

64 thoughts on “Book Review – Her Husband’s Mistake by Sheila O’Flanagan #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary Leave a comment

  1. Glad this one worked out well for you. I used to read quite a bit of contemporary style fiction but have moved more into SFF these days. I should probably try and chuck the odd one in there every now and again.
    Lynn 😀

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      • LOL. I guess you need to switch to romances. I am well. I just returned from a trip to east Texas for a family get together on my husband’s side. It was a nice trip, but there are always issues to sort out upon return. Also, it is a two day drive each way and we find that harder as we get older. I was thankful to not be on a motorcycle on this particular trip as the return was full of gusty, frigid winds.

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  2. You have to work at happiness, it doesn’t simply land in your lap!!….. Yup. I like the saying “Happiness is a choice.”
    Lovely review my darling. Another review I will “choose” to re-read to skip the zombie! 😜😘😃

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  3. Ah, Shalini, you are the review wizard–super as always. Just a note, yours, as others have me following and refollowing. WP is playing games with me again, shutting me down with the original archaic format, eliminating my titles, and adding nasty ads in the middle of my posts. UGH! If you noticed I disengaged–nope–wasn’t me babe.

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    • Nopes, it didn’t give me that notification. The app is much more stable. So I blog via my phone app… I am scared to ask if your phone would be able to.. Have you changed your phone?


  4. I’m noticing the term Women’s Fiction used less and less lately. Read a blog post by an author that sounded actually angry that her new book was being called that. Said it made it sound like it wasn’t good enough to be read by a man. Personally I appreciate strong female authors writing books about strong women , for women to read. For all the women empowerment stuff lately, seems like it would be a good thing. Guess someone will always disagree.

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    • For me, it just says women’s fiction = strong women as central character. It all depends on how each of us interpret…
      If I put in contemporary in search them it shows me only romance. If I put women’s fiction, it shows me a strong character based, emotion filled story. So I like the genre – women’s fiction

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