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I picked up this book due to the intrigue in the tale. An incident which happened 30 years ago and its effects felt till today. Moira was found dead on the cliff top in 1988, and her alleged murderer committed suicide with a confession note. She stayed with Roz and 3 other girls, and her death affected them all.

In the present time, Roz’s daughter had joined the same college and was attacked by a random stranger. Roz met the ex-cop Innes Nevin who had investigated Moira’s murder and soon realized the wrong man had been framed, and probably the murderer was someone she had known.

Author Janice Frost has written a solid murder investigation, the old fashioned sleuthing, which depended completely on intelligence and asking the right questions, getting the stories straight even after 30 years. There were no gadgetry or forensics involved. I liked that body language and instinct played a huge part.

Innes and Roz made a good team. The other friends added to the layers of this mystery as memories unfolded and the dirty truths revealed. The story was told in dual timelines. Romance between the two was sweet and kept to a minimum with more focus on the past and murder. I liked that.

The only niggle which hit me was there were no headings to the chapter, and since the characters were the same in both the timelines, I was confused about the time frame till I read down the page.

Janice’s writing kept me hooked to the murder mystery. It was clean and focused. Overall, a fun read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Joffe Books, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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1988. The body of Moira Mackie, a St Andrews University student, is found on a clifftop path. Her ex-boyfriend is found days later, hanged in his uncle’s garage with a suicide note confessing that he killed her. The case is abruptly closed.

Thirty years later, Ros Maitland has seemingly moved on from the horrific murder of her housemate Moira. Then her daughter takes up a place at the same university, and old demons reawaken.

Was Moira murdered in a lover’s quarrel? Or was her death part of something far larger, uglier and more calculated?


Policeman, Innes Nevin, investigated Moira’s death and has been haunted by it ever since. It was his first murder case, and he knew it had been closed too soon.

Innes and Ros must delve back into the painful past to finally bring the truth to light.



Publication Date: 6th June 2019

Publisher: Joffe Books

Author: Shalini

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26 thoughts

    1. I agree Marialyce… I would read half a page and then understand it was a past not memory of the past by the character in the present. That made reading slow


  1. Sometimes, the author’s writing can be the saving grace of the book when the plot and characters aren’t strong enough to hold the reader’s attention 🙂 Great review, Shalini!

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      1. Finished it yesterday. You had already mentioned the time line switching with no warning, so I was prepared. Smooth read, and no sudden chills. I liked most of it; the disappointment was towards the end, with Ros suddenly taking everything in her hands and things working out as she wants them too. Still, an enjoyable read. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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