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Book Review – Don’t Ever Tell by Lucy Dawson @bookouture #BooksOnTour #BookReview #suspense

How do I review this book where the author Lucy Dawson has twisted me up so badly that everything I know feels a lie. Everything really appears topsy-turvy to me after reading this book as if the pieces I know and the pieces which are shown don’t really fit. Have I just been thrown into a rabbit hole by this fascinating author?

Nothing could be more brilliant than a plan plotted in seclusion meant to harm the one who caused you pain soon bringing the worst kind of hurt you could ever imagine. This was the longest line written by me in any review. But that’s what this book did. A pretzel was what I was, not knowing where I began and where I ended.

Charlotte and Tris and their two children – an image of a happy family till Tris began traveling for work. The rigmarole of the routine life got to them when Charlotte’s sister revealed the truth. Then Charlotte took action, and a secret was borne which the women in this book could never tell anyone. A plan hatched in the seemingly ennui brain of a writer using someone who looked just like her 20 years younger. Was it wicked or plain stupid? Or was it something more than that? A revenge or a payback? A need to punish infidelity or get back the old unsuspecting life? A question that needed action or laid to rest?

The layers in this book made me look at everything with a new set of eyes. What I put together from the pieces of this story told to me in its chapters was so different from the final picture. Had she really done that? That was what kept me hooked onto this story. Innocence was left at the doorstep before I entered into the home and the mind of Charlotte. And I was just struck down breathless and confused when I closed my kindle.

Where was I? The beginning or the end?

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Lucy has been writing psychological suspense novels since 2008, when her first bestseller – His Other Lover – was published. Since then her work has been translated into numerous languages.

Her gripping books jump in at the deep end… the extraordinary things that can happen to ordinary couples, families and friends with devastating conclusions.


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This is a story about Charlotte, who has two sweet children, a stay-at-home job she loves and a drama-free marriage to a caring and successful man. Life is nearly perfect… at least, that’s how it looks from the outside.

But behind closed doors, the marriage is breaking. Every day, after she kisses her husband Tris goodbye, Charlotte works a little more on her plan to destroy his life.

Was it when he stopped looking at her in that way, that she first felt something was wrong? Or when he lied about where he was going, so he didn’t have to watch their sick children?

Or perhaps it’s the smiling photo of him on a beautiful stranger’s phone. Charlotte can think of only one way it got there…

Charlotte thinks she has every one of her husband’s sins neatly filed away… but there’s something big that Charlotte is missing. And by the time their story is finished, you’ll be questioning if you can ever really trust those closest to you.

Publication Date: 25th June 2019

Publisher: Bookouture


Apple Books



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  1. Bookouture seems to have some really good authors. I don’t think you’ve given any of them a bad review. This sounds delightfully…evil? Haha, if there is such a thing as delight in evil. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Shalini! Have a great evening! 🙂 🙂

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