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Book Review – Constellation by Kimberley Perkins and Deborah Adams @DebAdams_Writer #BookReview #BookBlogger #thriller

I didn’t know how much I would love the book till I read it from the beginning to end at one go. Having read the first two in the series, I was super excited to read the finale. Omg the book did not disappoint. No siree… It was one rocking journey filled with twists and turns which had my heart galloping away at top speed.

The previous two books dealt with the electrical grid failing, the president abandoning, vice president having his fingers in a lot of evil pies, double and triple crossing people. This book dealt with how the heroes would bring power back to the world set in darkness. Brothers Simon and West, friend Collins along with Agent Riya and Quinn and president’s daughter Alex got together and worked as a team to save the world.

Authors Kimberley Perkins and Deborah Adams have written a brilliant book where each chapter worked like a grid bringing an accelerating thrill into my heart, piece by piece. At no point did the action let up. The girls in this story were independent and self reliant. My Quinn returned with this book. The characters were good, bad, and some in between. The authors did not back down in writing tough scenes. Emotions ranged from romance to friendship to betrayal to death. I felt every moment of this book keenly; some of them had me feeling utterly devasted.

The story left me with a feeling of awe and wonder that the two authors have to be so much in sync with each other to write a book in a detailed manner taking care that all the plot lines are complete. They are mad geniuses to think of such a complex plot bringing together all the characters from the first and second book and tying them up in a pretty bow, a perfect gift for me.

This book, like the previous ones, did not allow me to think or breathe. It just read like a three dimensional kickass movie complete with action, twists, political power plays, missing scientists, soldiers, guns and knives, romance and relationships and at the root of it all – family and saving the world. A brilliant thriller.

Whew… What a ride!!

I received a free digital ARC from the authors, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.


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They failed at Waypoint, and now Simon is in prison. Which means, if he’s going to complete his mission, first he’ll need to escape. Meanwhile, Riya, Alex, and West have resorted to colluding with Kaosa, an alleged terrorist organization, to bust him out. But can anyone be trusted?

When Quinn gets a lead on Camden’s location, Alex and West jump into action. Will finding President Camden mean a turning point in the war against Gamble?

Join Simon and crew as they battle old enemies and fierce new ones. Only one question remains, will they have the strength to end the blackout once and for all?

Publication Date: 20th July 2019

Publisher: Rocket City Publishing

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