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Book Review – The Ghost Seekers by Devon Taylor @XpressoReads #BookReview #BlogTour #horror

Many thanks to Giselle and Xpresso Book Tours for my spot on this Blog Tour.

This was quite an exciting read. I have to admit it took me some time to understand the story since I had not read book 1. So I scurried and got to the blurb of the first one. Armed with a bit of knowledge, I started reading the book.

The entire story was set in the out-worldly realm. Their ship, The Harbinger, which had collected souls, had sunk and many souls lost forever. The villain Urcena too hadn’t won, she still wanted to usurp Rhett’s powers. All the soul keepers were broken and if they wanted to come back, they needed to release Rhett and bring him back. The Syllektor had to arise!!

My first book by Devon Taylor, I was quite impressed with the world he had embellished and portrayed. There was a thrill in his writing. The characters took time to grow on me, but they soon developed a relationship with me over the course of the story. Their friendships and bonds were warm, I got the – All for one, and one for all – vibe from them.

The entire story was a good action based horror, but it was a more of a thriller. I would sincerely advise to read book 1 before starting to read this. Overall, a fun read!!

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Devon Taylor was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. His day job consists of sneaking around the house with ninja-like stealth to avoid waking up his kids. When not writing, reading, or tediously typing out text messages with all the correct spelling and punctuation, he spends his time with his family. THE SOUL KEEPERS is his debut novel.

The Harbinger is lost, sunk to the bottom of an otherworldly sea. Every soul that ever died and was protected within its hold has been lost along with it. But at least that precious cargo is out of reach of the demon Urcena and her army of soul-devouring monsters.

For now.

The soul keepers are broken, scattered, and barely clinging to existence without their ship or any way to collect or protect the souls of the newly dead. If they are to have any hope of stopping Urcena’s horrifying plans to destroy the fragile balance between living and dead, they will first have to survive long enough to locate the ghost of one of their own, who sacrificed himself to save the rest of the crew

Publication Date: 27th August 2019

Publisher: Swoon Reads

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    • No you are not… I know you. It is just that book 1 has to be read to get the real pleasure. I tried to buy it, my finger went to thriller and bought 2 of them 🤷‍♀️


  1. Fabulous review, Shalini! Thank you for the tip: I keep jumping into the middle of series with book2, 3, 11😁 Sometimes it works out, sometimes I wish somebody had told me I should have started with Book 1.


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