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Book Review – Return to Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters @Vicky_Walters @HeraBooks #BookReview #BlogTour #contemporary

Happy Publication Day!!

This book warmed my insides in a wave of rapture. Beth returned back home after 10 years with her daughter Izzy as grandma was ill. Secrets got revealed, and she decided to take action to mend her family, smoothen the rough edges, patch up with Izzy’s father, and bring the village of Glendale back to its thriving grandeur.

My first book by author Victoria Walters saw me smiling almost throughout the read. The writing was smooth with emotions frolicking in it, sometimes bringing a lump in my throat, other times a gurgling laugh. Secrets revealed were pretty shocking, and I wondered how someone with so much love could rip a family apart.

Beth was the sweetest character ever written. At 16, she found herself pregnant and was forced to run away to London, after being apparently shunned by her family. Her love for daughter Izzy started in-utero and was palpable in the entire book. They were a strong team; their dialogues reflected the joy in each other’s company. It warmed the cockles of my heart.

Set in a small village in Scotland, at Christmas time, the author brought out the emotions which signified the true spirit of Christmas. Second chance romance with Drew was powerful and felt just right.

This was a strong book written in a loving manner where each character showed changes as the pages turned. Author Victoria Walters has made me her loyal fan with this fabulous book. A beautiful read, indeed.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher Hera Books, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Beth Williams hasn’t been home for ten years. After falling pregnant at sixteen, she ran away from the imposing Scottish estate where she grew up rather than risk her family’s disapproval, working hard to build a life for herself and daughter Isabelle – but now she’s finally returning to Glendale Hall.

As Beth tries to mend her broken family ties, and fights to bring the community of Glendale back together, she realises that the story she has told herself for a decade might well be a very different one from the truth. Even though she ran from Glendale it has never left her heart. And, she soon realises, neither has Drew – Beth’s first love.

Will Beth be able to forgive her mother and grandmother (and herself) for what happened ten years ago? What will Drew say when he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him for so long? Can a festive trail bring the village back together?

Will Christmas work its magic on Glendale – or will Beth be forced to run away from it all over again?

Publication Date: 25th September 2019

Publisher: Hera Books

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