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Book Review – Someone You Know by Olivia Issac Henry #BookBlogger #AmReading

The story ARC would appear familiar ——> Twins, Edie and Tess, one popular, other not so much, both angry, mother dies, then one of the twin disappears, 20 years later, skeleton found at the bottom of the reservoir ——> Who killed Edie?

Olivia Issac Henry’s debut had some gripping scenes, unreliable always-drunk main character Tess, hidden secrets, illicit affairs, weak-willed characters, and hidden anger. I could feel the adolescent angst, the dependent twin syndrome, possessiveness, pain, rebellion, and along with the strange feeling of being lost in this wide world that the twins went through post their mother’s death. Dual timelines and dual POV and short chapters makes this a fast read, YET it was a slow burn suspense.

The author had designed an intricate web for me to fall into, but the web was a bit too prickly. Hence I couldn’t stick well to it. The story though gripping didn’t really overwhelm me with interest. The speed of my pulse remained at a plateau. My niggles kept popping up, and I really didn’t like a self-destructive, drunk, not-in-senses main character, however much I understand the reasons for it.

Overall, an enjoyable read with a surprise ending.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Avon Books UK, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Do you feel the missing-later-dead sister tropes are done too frequently? Have you read the book? Did you enjoy it?

In addition to writing novels, Olivia Isaac-Henry is a crime drama lover, occasional keyboard player, and backing vocalist in the band The Protaganist. She grew up in Worcestershire but now lives in London, where she loves the theatres, food markets and festivals.

Tess Piper was fourteen when her adored twin sister Edie disappeared.

She has spent the last twenty years building a life away from her fractured family, desperate to escape the shadow of the past.

Only now she needs to confront the huge hole her sister’s disappearance left in her life, because a body has been found. The police are shining a spotlight on the Piper family. And secrets are about to surface.

What really happened to Edie Piper?

Publication Date: 4th February 2019

Publisher: Avon Books UK

50 thoughts on “Book Review – Someone You Know by Olivia Issac Henry #BookBlogger #AmReading Leave a comment

  1. Yes the missing sister/mother/child/husband trope is one that is popular with writers. Is it overdone? It depends if readers are rushing to buy these books, but they do need to be convincing to remain popular.

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  2. I agree, there appears to be a lot of missing sibs lately. We seem to go through phases in fiction and they can get overdone rather quickly. I wonder sometimes if all of the authors go on a retreat and are given slips of paper with a “theme” written on them. 😉

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  3. LOL! I seriously cannot imagine the publishers getting together and fighting over who gets to publish what trope! Wonderful review though!

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