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Book Review – One Last Step by Sarah Sutton #BookReview #BookBlogger #thriller

A rocking debut by author Sarah Sutton, the story captured the essence of a woman and an FBI agent who had to prove not only to her superiors but to herself.

Someone was killing the trekkers down the trails of Appalachian using crossbow and arrows. The case was assigned to rookie agent Tara Mills partnered with Agent Warren who went on the prowl for getting this crafty killer.

My first book by this author, I was quickly trapped in the snares laid out by the author, pulling me into the story. Agent Tara Mills had a past quite different from the rest which still gave her panic attacks and nightmares. It was inspiring to see her make mistakes, then learn from them. I loved her determination and courage to see the case through right up to the end. Her character was truly etched well to the point I would eager lap up the next book.

The story of the serial killer went its routine merry way killing more women and taking sadistic joy in torture. Luckily the author did not go into graphic details, but gave the vibe of something nasty happening on these trails.

I liked the way the clues were pieces together, instincts ran high in this book. The author gave due justice to her characters in this 200 pages book. Emotions ranged from helplessness to desperation. Empathy to grief made me love Tara a bit more.

Overall, a fun fast breakfast read.

I received a free ARC from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Two hikers go missing along the Appalachian Trail, leaving only a bloodstained forest behind them, and when another hiker collapses on someone’s porch in New Hampshire, murdered by crossbow, the local police realize they have a serial killer on their hands––and need to call in the FBI.

FBI Agent Tara Mills is young, brilliant and new to the force. With a promising career in front of her, she faces the ultimate test when she is assigned the case. It soon proves to be more challenging than she ever could have imagined––an impossible riddle that leaves even her seasoned partner stumped.

Meanwhile, something about the case stirs a darkness within her––a tortured past that even her long-term boyfriend doesn’t fully understand. As nightmares consume her, she only hopes that her past will not come back to ruin her once again.

As more hikers go missing, and with her job on the line, Tara finds herself on a race against time as she combs through the forest’s trails. Peeling back each layer, she soon realizes that she is up against a true diabolical mastermind. And just when she thinks she has it all figured out, her instincts lead her to the most shocking truth of all.

Publication Date: May 2020

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    • There was no romance at all. It was pure Detective work. It didn’t follow the formula. Rookie agent with a past trying to prove herself. They concentrated on the plot of investigation more

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