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Blog Tour – The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates

A new month and a new lure
A genius author and a…ummm… Me
Joined once again, together we be
To bring to you a new Blog Tour!!
Join us, greet us, share the love
Spread the word, be a dove
We send you the invitation hush hush
To be a part of the book’s crush!!
Nowhere would you see, none would hear
A group so loving of friends dear
Where glory is felt in the difference
Where quirky is total acceptance
Special is what makes this Club
With love and fun, join The Kooky Kids Club

Digital Reads Blog Tours proudly presents Robbie Yates with his new book – The Kooky Kids Club

Sometimes in school, being different brings with it moments where acceptance and friendship are hardly felt. Loneliness and isolation seems the norm. Till something happens, and things just fit into place.
Join Maxine and friends in their adventures as they find their place and understand – Being different is okay!! Difference is to be rejoiced!!
This is Robbie Yates’ earnest and personal story which would touch your heart and make you laugh!!
Bloggers, you know what to do. 2 alternate dates for the tour in the comments or fill the form here and tell me your 2 quirky traits. They can be anything!!
I have read the book and I endorse this completely!! Robbie’s personal note at the end just made me love him all the more!!

78 thoughts on “Blog Tour – The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates Leave a comment

  1. my quirks…umm.. am always making the bed..I don’t like seeing them out of place and…I don’t like seeing the moisture marks on coffee table so I insist on coastersπŸ™ˆthanks for the response!

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  2. I can do any day but a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, and my quirky traits?

    I’m obsessed with cleaning my ears, and I drink Diet Coke first thing in the morning because I don’t drink coffee or tea, I’m sure there’s a lot more but I will not divulge now!

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  3. This looks cute and fun for ramping up Christmas season. Quirky? Okay, well, (1) I always load the dishwasher with glasses on the top left, cups top right. If someone put them somewhere else–they get moved. And (2) still playing PokemonGO; way too old for that, but hey, I’m up to level 30!

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