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Book Review – Kyle Harrison Movie Star by Robertson Tait

A light fluffy read in between my thrillers, I read this book in an hour. The entire story was about a young Scottish man’s rise from a relatively unknown life to the fame of Hollywood.

Kyle was discovered by a director before a screen test, upgraded from economy to a business class on the flight, a star by saving the life of a rich financier before the first scene, and a hit with all the ladies from the air hostess to the co-stars. They not only lusted after him, they liked him too. In fact, everybody liked him, even rich casting couch directors liked him even after he punched and broke their kneecaps. They wanted a son like him.

The book by Robertson Tait had Kyle reaching for unbelievable almost fantastical superlatives both in real and reel life. There were hardly any angst or problems that he goes through to give the story its layers. It had some romance and humor, nothing appreciable. Kyle made friends wherever he went.

Recommended for readers who like such light dream-like stories.

I bought the digital copy of the book from Amazon, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart.

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“Kyle.” He beckoned his troubled newbie over to where they could talk without being overheard. “What’s the problem, Kyle? You’re not comfortable, I can see it, it’s obvious, but what is it? You know your lines – why can’t you say them?”

Kyle knew he owed it to Ronnie, who had taken a big risk putting him in this starring role as an unknown, to level with him. “Well, it’s the Action thing, the abruptness of it, and then it just makes me more aware of how much of this business I’m not familiar with.” Kyle looked a little deflated, and Ronnie felt for him. “I guess I’m just no good as an actor, Ron, I don’t know how to act.”

Ronnie let out a belly laugh that made the crew turn in surprise. “Kyle, you dolt, I’m not asking you to act. I can get any number of trained actors to act for me … I’m asking you to be a star.”

Kyle studied Ronnie’s face and could see that he was deadly serious.

Born on the banks of Loch Ness, Robertson is a proud Highlander whose novels somehow always turn out to be both humorous and romantic.

Robertson lives in the country with his wife and two demanding cats. He writes uplifting romcoms and a little suspense, aiming to entertain and distract from everyday stress and strife.

His light-hearted stories, infused with dry Scottish humour, feature gorgeous, confident heroines, imperfect but sensitive heroes, and lovingly described locations. The “Kyle in Hollywood” series draws upon his experiences as a British Actors’ Equity member, filming in and around London.

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Kyle’s photo is all over the tabloids, the day after he lands in Hollywood. He’s a movie star who hasn’t done a single screen test yet. A top director is sure he’s discovered his next action hero, but Kyle is clueless about the business, although he certainly looks the part. Can he handle instant fame and stand up to Hollywood’s ruthless star-making machinery?

Publication date: 1st November 2017

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