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Book Review – #RIP John by Sian B Claven @sianbclaven #BookBlitz #BookBlogger #suspense

Digital Reads Blog Tours presents author Sian B Claven with her new book #RIP John

A fantastic book about bullying and repercussions. It was a complete thriller with horror at the crux of it. A new boy in school, John was bullied and humiliated in all manner till he felt he had no choice but to hang himself. And then came the revenge.

I loved the author Sian B Claven’s writing; it was simply superfluous. Every word, every sentence evoked my emotions. My heart cried when John was bullied. I ran to stop him from commiting suicide, but I was too late. I sobbed when his parents tried to get to the truth but were helpless. My vengeant heart wanted nothing but justice for this quiet, intelligent, and sensitive boy.

And I got that. IN SPADES!! John forged his own path and didn’t stay dead. He came back!! I was simply delighted. Sian, in this book, knew how to balance the emotions. The prose was written in an easy to read manner. The emotions were honest, the truth reflected in every page.

I can write pages about how I was completely immersed in this book and couldn’t see the world beyond John. At 140 odd pages, it was a fast and oh so thrilling a read!!


I received a free digital ARC from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Trigger Warning: This book contains scenes of graphic bullying and suicide.

Everyone wants a chance to fit in, and that’s all John King wants when he starts at his new school. A relentless bully, a blogger, and a pretty girl all have a different plan for him, though and after he endures all he can, John takes his own life.

The only problem left for Devan, Melinda and Jenny?

He doesn’t stay dead.


How disgusting that the little nerd freak had bumped into her in the cafeteria. She had made everyone laugh when she insulted him, and for once in her life she felt noticed.

Melinda had spent the better part of her schooling career being invisible. Too plain to be popular, too normal to be teased, the only power she found she had was the words she wrote for the school’s blog and newspaper. There she discovered she had the power to either make or break the politics within the student body. Everyone read what she wrote and feared to cross her, but it wasn’t enough. She still felt invisible.

Then John bumped into her and she realised he was the latest victim of Devan’s bullying regime. She saw an opportunity and took it, calling him out for the disgusting little freak he was. He was so embarrassed and then the teacher confiscated the soggy comic book to add insult to injury.

With that taste of power, Melinda felt in her bones that she needed more. Much more. So she put together a little plan that was sure to get her to the top of the school’s food chain, and let others know who she was and, more importantly, that she wasn’t someone to be messed with.

Melinda needed the perfect plan to play her part in putting John in his place and came up with it not too long after the incident in the cafeteria. She needed just one thing to seal the deal and then she would be ready for her victim.

It took a few days before she managed to find someone willing to buy her the necessary tools, since she wasn’t of an age to purchase it herself, but once she had it she was ready.


It was a beautiful day when John woke up. The sun was shining and he could hear birds in the trees outside his window. Still, his heart filled with dread at the prospect of going to school and putting up with Devan and his goons. With a dark sigh, he got out of bed and got dressed, going downstairs to have breakfast quietly so he didn’t wake his mother and father.

Once finished eating and having washed his dishes, he shouldered his backpack and left the house, wanting to get to school as early as possible to avoid his bullies.

He got to his locker without incident and retrieved his books, stuffing them into his bag. He went to the library and sat there, reading his comic book until the first bell signaled and he had to rush to class. Getting there just before his teacher closed the door, he apologized and quickly went to his seat, amid snickers from his peers. He blushed and hid as much as he could in his seat.

“Since John is late I think he can graciously offer to fetch the television for our lesson today from the AV Room,” Mr. Willsmith said, holding out a key.

John nodded and got up, took the key from Mr. Willsmith and left the room.

“In the meantime, you can talk quietly amongst yourselves until he is back,” Mr Willsmith said, before sitting at his desk and picking up a book.

Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa, Sian B. Claven has enjoyed stories for all her life, whether she was reading them or making them. She has written for as long as she can remember, but Ensnared is the first book she decided to publish. Moving towards writing more for the horror / paranormal thriller genre, Sian has subsequently published the first two books in The Butcher Books series, Tatum and Kallista. When Sian isn’t thinking of ways to terrify people, she enjoys writing science fiction stories, poetry and rather long and gushy birthday wishes. When she isn’t working on her writing you can find her knitting, scrapbooking, reading, or playing Xbox. Sian previously reviewed for The Blithering Bibliomaniacs and still reviews in her private capacity. She clearly doesn’t know what the words rest and relaxation mean, at least not in the traditional sense.









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37 thoughts on “Book Review – #RIP John by Sian B Claven @sianbclaven #BookBlitz #BookBlogger #suspense Leave a comment

  1. Fantastic review, Shalini! I was convinced after Noriko’s but this one just made me super sure I must read it. Out of the three books by the same author which one was the most interesting for you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, as you know I have been bullied a lot in my past, so stories like these are always hard to read for me. But…admittedly, this sounds awesome. Definitely like the supernatural element of it 😊 As always, you managed to write one heck of a convincing and great review. Thanks for sharing this one! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg omg… Omg omg.. Daughter had to leave home.. Omg how can people be so cruel.. I never understood that mentality
      My freshers in school college and uni were like my kids.. I can’t even imagine ever bullying anyone..
      There is a saying in the Hindu mythology
      Raise yourself not by putting someone down but by your own actions
      I am sorry that you had to go through so much pain. A Mother’s heart beats only for her kids.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love that saying, Shalini. My girl has a heart of gold, but doesn’t always filter her thoughts. I don’t think that helped. It was the hardest thing ever to let her go, even though it was for the best. She was depressed and angry at the world- not a good place to be in.
        Thank you for your kind words ((hugs))

        Liked by 1 person

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