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Book Review – So Many Lies by Paul J Teague @PaulTeagueUK @BOTBSPublicity #BookReview #BlogTour #suspense

Many thanks to Sarah and BOTBS Publicity for my spot on this Blog Tour.

Meet the Harrington’s, the blurb said!! I met them; I scrutinized them; I got to know them. Oh my, I had to exclaim at the end — never a twisted lot had I seen in the literary circles. And the full credit went to the author, Paul J Teague, whose wicked mind brilliantly plotted them, each hiding important facets of their lives.

Barring four of the characters, that included a newborn kid, all of them played the cards of their lives like poker, showing one face while hiding the rest. Evil rested in the hearts of some, or should I say, it rested in the grey matter of the author who knew how to bring about the right twists.

Father Tony was to celebrate his 70th birthday in a lonely island, his 4 children along with spouses and partners were invited to attend. Secrets slowly unfurled in alternate chapters of the past while the rest showed its effects in the present times. Sounded convoluted, didn’t it? That’s what made this book so scrumptious. I savored each of their hidden sides.

My second or third book by this author, Paul was quite cunning in the way he etched those characters. They were a naughty bunch who lived their lives more in shadows. Secrets dogged their steps, and to hide them, they lied. And lied. And lied. Irrespective of who was made the scapegoat.

There was a straightforward plot, a birthday celebration with CAKE (Nicki, Claire, Sarah, remember cake?) but believe me, the characters made the journey appear like a ball of knotted yarn. I didn’t know where one ended and other began. And imagine that, they were family. A modified saying — If I had family like these, who needed foes?

The story captured me from the beginning, slowly weaving its gossamer threads around me until I was bound to my kindle. One of my most fun addictive midnight reads.

I bought the digital version of this book from a popular online retail at the beginning of the year, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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It began with a family gathering – it ended in a bloodbath.

When the Harrington family rent a private island to celebrate their dad’s 70th birthday, old lies resurface, resulting in a murderous revenge.

Ben Harrington is stuck.

He’s recently separated from his wife of over twenty years, leaving his almost adult son and daughter feeling angry and betrayed.

What’s more, his daughter Alice has cerebral palsy and he can’t forgive himself for letting her down when she needed him most.

Ben left the family house due to an ill-advised fling with Laura resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.

But all that is the least of Ben’s troubles.

It’s his dad Tony’s 70th birthday and he and his wife Susan have invited the family over to a remote tropical island in order to mark the occasion.

That should be cause for celebration, but there are terrible secrets lurking in the Harrington family which are about to burst out into the open – siblings Steve, Ben, Gaby and Richard are all caught up in this web of deceit.

So Many Lies follows the story of the Harringtons through a series of life-changing lies, dating back to 1979, and as the story builds towards the big celebration, so does the gravity of the lies which brought the family to where they are when we meet them in the book.

Publication Date: October 2019

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  1. No idea why WP is hiding posts from me as got tab open but only just seen it on Twitter first. All i can say is let their be cake! Definitely deserved. Thank you so much for being on the blog tour x

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