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Book Review – I Know Your Secret by Ruth Heald @bookouture #BookReview #BooksOnTour #suspense

Many thanks to publisher Bookouture for my spot on this Blog Tour.

The lady of suspense slayed me with her twists in this maze of a book where I knew everything, but actually nothing. Author Ruth Heald could run rings around me as I stood right at the center trying to get a hang of things. A slow whirlwind which gathered speed, then blew me away with the final reveal.

Beth’s life was unraveling, with her partner Richard having an affair and moving out and her practice not flourishing. Despite being a psychologist, she couldn’t stop the train of her life from going off tracks. Entered Danielle who was struggling in her marriage. And the sessions started. And someone was angry and had fire burning in them.

Having read many books by this author, I knew there would be hidden truths and blatant lies. I knew I just had to sieve through all the information to get to the secrets. I thought I was being clever. But I underestimated the dark webs in the author’s mind, where she hid everything in the shadows of her main characters, two unlikable women.

The story had those weird dynamics between the women. Many times I felt I was on the verge of knowing everything about them. But the twist would prove me wrong. Suspense was the growing fog in the book, blurring my vision until the final pages, where everything cleared up.

A delightful, fun read which fired me up completely.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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You’re not who you say you are. Neither is she.

She thinks she’s got away with it. She thinks she’s turned over a new leaf, that the past is in the past.

She thinks she’s finally safe, with her perfect son, her devoted husband, and her immaculate suburban house.

She believes the memories of what she did all those years ago are confined to her bedside drawer, tucked carefully away.

She believes she deserves a second chance.

I have to know, how can she live with herself? Isn’t she haunted by the wail of the alarm, the smoke in her lungs, the echoing scream? Doesn’t she lose sleep over the way the flames licked the walls, devouring everything they touched? Why hasn’t the guilt eaten her alive?

So how can I forget? How can I forgive?

Because I know her secret. And I’m not letting her get away with it.

Publication Date: June 2020

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