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Book Review – Deadly Secrets by Ann Girdharry @GirdharryAnn @rararesources #BookReview #BlogTour #policeprocedural

Many thanks to Rachel and Rachel’s Random Resources for my spot on this Blog Tour.

A police procedural with great many shocking reveals, especially when it involved the past of one of its finest detectives. Author Ann Girdharry managed to hook me up compellingly with a team that had secrets within itself, yet managed to do a brilliant job in investigating a murder or two.

A deathbed confession and the murder of the nurse put Detective Grant right at the helm of the investigation. Many twists and turns along with the wicked mind if the killer, I was led to an enthralling conclusion. Nah, I couldn’t guess the killer, though I suspected everybody.

My first book by this author, I was quite taken in my the entire team. Each brought a different talent to the table. The addition of a psychologist added an exciting layer with her analysis. Dynamics and office politics were written realistically. Yet they all stood firm in wanting to take the killer down when one of their own’s past was embroiled in the case.

The writing was smooth and fast paced. Past was well weaved with the present. Evil presented itself at regular intervals making me want to poke the detectives to work faster. Treachery, lies and secrets held the tapestry of the story with a murderer who had been operating on the sly for more than two decades.

Well developed characters, evil killer, twisted plotline, unexpected ending made this a thrilling read.

I received a ARC from Rachel and the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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How long can you get away with murder?

In an idyllic Sussex town, Mr Quinn whispers a secret on his death bed. Hours later the person who cared for Quinn is killed.

Mr Quinn’s secret sets off events unlike anything Detective Grant and Psychologist Ruby Silver have ever seen.
A series of deaths follow as a killer tries to cover their twenty-year trail of murder by drowning.

Grant, Silver and the team must track a killer who has been getting away with murder for years.

But when treachery, corruption and secrets from the past are used against Sergeant Tom Delaney, the killer turns their attention to one of Grant’s own…

Publication Date: July 2020

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