3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

I was tagged by Heidi to complete the 3-Day Quote Challenge. Thank you for tagging me, I did have fun searching for quotes, thinking about what applies to me and then selecting one. Check out Heidi’s blog which is pure fun.


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day

Day3: Quote3

Reasons for liking this quote

This quote reminded me of the friendships that I have cultivated on WordPress. Each one of you has enhanced my life and made it beautiful. You guys made me laugh, cry (happy tears), and have fun.

Some of you allowed me to tease you, flirt with you, and share with you. With some, my friendship went beyond blogisphere to twitterisphere (new word). Our friendship needs no words, it is just there, within my reach, when life gets too difficult.

This quote is dedicated to friendship

My nominees

129 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

    1. Nicole you make my life happy, you make me smile, you make me grin and sometimes I am seen laughing for no reason. That’s also on you. The quotes of the DEVILESS would be fun to read!! Go on girl, link me up. We are twice married hahaha

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      1. Kiss the DEVILESS, and the soul is lost
        Do I want the life where the goal is lost
        Take your name and my memories are lost
        Bind to you and sanity is lost

        Hahahaha howzzat???
        Some days I can write.
        The main question is do I want to be insane like you?

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      1. Vivian is one of my pseudonyms, I’ve changed it to Arden now 😛 I wonder if that make me look like I have identity issues…😂 I’m up for it! It’ll be a first for me, thanks!

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      1. On phone go to the the wp logo, the entire settings come, there is a category ‘comments’click on that and the sub categories fall down one of them is bin and other spam check that spam folder

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      2. That is fine. On the phone where you write the new blog, there has comments section along with settings and statistics. Check there. Don’t worry, I too don’t know all features

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    1. Awww… Thank you I had read it a long time ago when I read Helen Keller’s story and then I found it when I went searching on Google for a quote which strikes a chord in my heart

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  1. Thank you Shalini for tagging me..
    Your quote speaks of feelings more than expression..
    Unbelievable how we can make so many friends on wordpress who are united by thought and preferences rather than time spent..

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    1. That is the beauty of this blogging world. We are all connected by words and pictures. Enjoy, revel, have a blast.
      A small world are we
      A beautiful world are we
      Connect us in our world
      Let us into your world..
      It matters not, words or pics
      It matters not, books or flicks
      All we want is to connect with you
      All we want is to know you

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