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Review – The Rising Storm by Ceri A. Lowe

My review

Every expedition of any kinds requires sacrifices and sometimes they are one too many. But survival calls for it everytime…

This is the experience of Alice who has seen the world getting destroyed by the Storms till Paradigm Industry rescues her and trains her to build their own community of survivors for the next generation, but a functional community with no creativity, no music no books (horrors)


90 years later, Carter is awakened from a cryogenic sleep, when the Industry decides it is time for him to become the Controller General of their Model establishment. But where there are rules, there is always rebellion against them… And then it is Carter’s journey till he is betrayed…

Ceri A. Lowe has created a unique world where we get to see how it all started via Alice’s eyes and where it is leading to via Carter’s journey. I liked the way she has kept this impending aura of anticipation wondering if the 2 worlds would meet. There is an excitement in the air as the pages are turned, knowing that the truth of both their journey resides in Others.

The book has a few things which are not explained, about the Model and the science of the community, they did niggle me. But being the first in the series, I think the author is laying down the foundation of the characters as well as leaving us with the need to know more.

Overall a good dystopian read!!

I am on to book 2 now.

My rating : 3.5 stars

Book blurb

In a world ravaged by devastating storms, only the all-powerful Paradigm Industries have the tools to survive. Welcome to their new world, where humanity’s past must be destroyed at all costs, and those who are not necessary for the Industry’s plan are frozen in the Catacombs.

15-year-old Alice Davenport is all alone when the storms destroy her city. Devastated by her mother’s disappearance, she quickly learns how to take what she needs to survive – and how to defend herself from the dangers which lurk in the ruins. But she’s unaware that all the while…

Paradigm Industries have been watching Alice.

They have plans for her.

They’re going to make her one of them.

As Alice becomes entangled with Paradigm’s plans, she is given the chance to be a part of the new elite. But when the boy she loves is in danger, she’s faced with a terrible decision – will she follow her head, or her heart?

Product Details

Publication date : 4th April, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

A dystopian world with no creativity

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  1. Your reviews are more entertaining than the books you read! I cannot bring myself to read dystopian tales – too disheartening and tedious for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am finding myself reading a lot of different kind of books. Sci-fi horror dystopian. I want to read good apocalypse.
      I haven’t read Manga. Don’t tell anyone. I do not know what it is


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