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Blog Tour – In Servitude by Heleen Kist @hkist #characterinterview

Today, I get the sole pleasure of interviewing Grace, the main character from Author Heleen Kist’s debut In Servitude. Heleen’s literary journey can be read here.


Grace, welcome to my blog. It is wonderful to have you here. There are a few questions I would like to ask you today to get to know you better. Though Heleen is the author, you are the star of the book.
1. Tell me something about your relationship with Glory after she got married to Stephen. Did you find a distance happening between the two of you?
I remember being quite hurt when she left our West End flat to move in with him, but she was happy so it was OK. After all, that’s all that matters. Of course, we grew apart a little bit—surely that’s normal in adulthood? But our bond remained strong. And when she had the kids I often came to help, and that gave us a chance to hang out and talk about everything.
2. Knowing about Glory in a telephone call was a shock to you and to us readers. What is the first thing that you thought of?
Me. I know that sounds wrong, but it’s true. Glory meant the world to me and I didn’t know how I would be able live without her. But very quickly my thoughts turned to her sons, Adam and Noah, and to our parents. Her husband Stephen wouldn’t be able to cope alone – Glory always took care of everything – so I immediately made plans on how I could take over. That helped me as much as it did them, giving me purpose when I was lost.
3. Were you psychically connected to your sister?
I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff. But we were extremely close. Or at least, I thought we were.
4. What is the one thing that you wish you could have changed in your relationship with Glory? What is the biggest regret?
My biggest regret is not being more supportive of Glory’s café, Veg&Might. I didn’t there would be a market for a vegan café in Glasgow and whether I was right or wrong doesn’t matter—what matters is that she didn’t feel she could talk to me about it. Why else all the secrets? If she’d just confided in me …
5. Were you scared dealing with the underworld and the crime lords?
I didn’t think I would be. I’m a tough cookie, I’ve taught kick boxing and I’ve lived in Glasgow long enough to not be intimidated easily. But when you come face to face with people who are steeped in criminality, and you need something from them, it’s another matter. The anxiety I used to suffer from as a child (and thought I had mastered) came flooding back.
6. How did you meet Dave and what made you think that he is the right guy for you?
I met Dave in a bar, in the East End of town where one of my friends from college now lives. I wouldn’t normally go there, so it was lucky I was there that night. His amazing smile caught my eye and we were soon talking. He’s very easy going and has a very calming influence on me.
7. What do you do in your life other than being a personal trainer? What are your hobbies?
In this roller coaster of a book, we don’t get to see a lot of your routine life Before Glory died, I was very focused on my work. I had a lot of personal training clients and had to fit my schedule around theirs, which can be quite difficult. It didn’t leave much room for anything else, though of course I love running.
8. Are you happy with how Heleen has portrayed you? Do you want to change anything about yourself in this book?
Sometimes it sounds like I don’t like people very much. I do have high expectations of people—I probably get that from my mother—but as you’ll see, I’m also a good sister and friend. And it’s true that I had little patience for the well-to-do mums I had as clients, but their life was just so alien to me, at first.
9. Is there anything you want to tell Heleen now? We give you full opportunity to be open without being erased from the draft. Don’t worry you are immortalised in the book now. Heleen cannot threaten you…
She killed my sister. I can never forgive her for that. She should pay for what she did: I call on all of you to boycott her book!
(No ways, we love Heleen!!)
10. What do you want to do next in your life?
I’m starting a new job which I’m sure will be a lot more fulfilling than the private personal training sessions I’ve been providing lately. Dave and I have some things to work out. And maybe I’ll get a puppy, I think Blue would like more company on our walks.

To know more about Grace, read the book In Servitude by Heleen Kist. It is a hard hitting psychological suspense which grabs you and does not let go till you finish the book.

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