Book Review – The Summer of New Beginnings by Lisa Hobman #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

This was more like the summer of sweet beginnings of love and happiness. Zara is in a relationship with Josh and has been told by her boss to cycle down the NC500 in Scotland and come up with an excellent travel article about her experiences. She meets Lachlan thrice, kind of falls for him, and comes back to London to routine life, but a part if her is still in Scotland. Till a love story happens…

The author has written a fabulous story, a love story of Lachlan and Zara set in Scotland. I loved the fact that it was not all honky-dory, all goodness with the path to the heart paved smoothly. There were roadblocks, misunderstandings, along with the long distance. But the HEA was soon seen followed by massive successes. Lachlan was the sweetest, both kind and so very understanding. Every woman would want a Lachlan in her life!!

And then came my niggles, Zara was difficult to like, she was nice, but I found her too judgmental. I did understand she was a travel journalist, but she didn’t really read between the lines to get to the truth unless it was knocked into her. The beginning was slow for me, once I got into the rhythm this book had, it was smooth cycling for me…

Overall, a fun read!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Publisher Aria, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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Meet Zara Bailey, a travel writer paid to cover some of the globe’s most luxurious locations. Jetting from wooden huts on stilts in turquoise seas to boutique hotels with roaring fires to 7* penthouse suites with panoramic views of the world’s most glamorous cities… Zara knows hers is the definition of a dream job!

So she is seriously shocked to receive her next assignment; Scotland’s Northcoast 500 route. By bicycle. Sleeping in a tent so basic it can’t remotely be dressed up as glamping!

But this could be just the distraction the recently heartbroken Zara needs. No men, no romance, just the breathtakingly rugged Highland scenery. Until she meets croft owner Lachlan Grant, and his black and white Border Collie Bess, that is…

Publication Date: 19th February 2019

Publisher: Aria

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